Rose, On Her Own

Rose Millican enjoys life behind the lens as a photographer for The Bride's Side Magazine. Often shy and reserved, Rose is quite different from her adventurous and longtime friend, Lily Harwell. Despite having little in common, they share a special connection and Rose never imagined life without her. But when she learns of Lily's untimely death, her world is forever changed.

Rose struggles to cope with the news, and when she turns to staff partner and close friend Frank Harrington for support, he unexpectedly reveals his hidden feelings for her. But her thoughts quickly stray when, while attending Lily's wake in her hometown, she is reacquainted with fellow high school alumnus, Trevor Barton. Though engaged to be married, he and Rose find themselves strangely drawn to one another. When Rose returns home, Frank is hopeful for more than just a work relationship, but she is distracted by her time with Trevor. With a demanding career, and her heart torn between two men, Rose is now challenged to face these life-altering situations without her friend Lily, on her own.