Under the Umbrella

Since the sudden passing of her closest friend a few months ago, Rose Millican's once rather ordinary world has been upended. Lily's death seemed to set a course of life-changing events into motion, and at the center of it all have been two special men. There is Frank Harrington, her photography partner at The Bride's Side magazine, who confessed his hidden feelings with a gentle kiss upon her devastation at Lily's death. Then there is Trevor Barton, a fellow high school alumnus with whom she impetuously shared her bed just before Lily's funeral, despite his impending nuptials to Stephanie Ryder. Complicated and delicate matters have placed Rose in an unenviable position, and though her boss and close friend Jeannie Cooper is usually available for advice on these issues, she is struggling with her own haunting memories of a man from the past. Frank now resides in New York, working for the powerful Katrina Everingham with whom he spends time both on and off the clock. Stephanie, already In the midst of a divorce from Trevor, has not only confessed her love for Stuart Langley, but also the desire for a sincere friendship with Rose. In order to make sense of storms in her world, Rose finds herself reevaluating where she works, the city in which she lives, and whether Frank or Trevor still have a place in her life. Will either of them be the man to go through life's rain and share that umbrella with her?